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Karen education situation An overview of Karen life in Myanmar after the nationwide ceasefire in 2012-2016.We now have better transportation and the Karen people can travel and are more mobile. Even though the situation got better the military are still present so the Karen day to day life is still difficult. We overviewed the effect the war and ceasefire had on the Karen education department at DweLoh Township. The problems faced by the Karen before the nationwide ceasefire weregeographical and logistical to get to school every day students would have to climbmountains and crossdeep jungle also due to the war Karen people fled and live in Refugee camps or got resettled to a third country. The problems faced after nationwide ceasefire have changed with better transportation it is a little easier to get to the students and teachers to the schools andthe government send a lot of teachers to our area and our Karen teachers had to leave the schools this means that theteaching of Karen culture and Karen language no longer happens at the schools. The level education for Karen people is poor but in third countries Karen people have a good opportunity to get a higher level of education and good jobswe hope that some Karen people who are living and working in third countrieswill come back one day and teach our Karen people not only in education but also in business as the Karen people want to improve economically.

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