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The KED provides a number of services to local communities; our goal is empowering people. And we aim to do this using a community development approach. In practice, this is what that looks like:
We provide money, information and support to local communities in ways which are efficient, fair, accessible and inclusive.

We undertake research and evaluation to improve our understanding of community led processes, the interaction of communities of place and communities of interest, and how communities engage with local authorities and development agencies.

We build skills and develop best practice in inclusive and fair community-led decision making, facilitating collective action and engagement between communities, local authorities and development agencies.
We use evidence from our work to influence continuous learning and improvement – by the KED, the benefactors and the beneficiaries.
"Please note that, due to our organizational status and the security concerns of both staff and local communities, the above only represents an overview; we cannot give full details about many of the activities we are involved in without jeopardizing the safety of participants."

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