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001 54TOT-Training (Training of Trainers)

The admiral among our capacity building activities. Through this program we train a team of Area Teacher Trainers (ATT) who subsequently train more than 4700 local teachers.
001 10Application of KED-curriculum
001 10Design and utilization of teaching tools
001 10Subject methodology

001 54Mine-Risk Education

Our intensive awareness-raising campaign and community-centered education saves hundreds of lives every year.

001 54Leadership skills

Our workshops on leadership assist current leaders & staff in their personal and community’s development, and provide our younger students a basic set of competencies needed to take on future community management roles.

001 54Project Planning & Time Management

The necessity of proper planning is accentuated by the limited available resources. We train our staff on the importance of analyzing first before implementing, inclusion and empowerment of beneficiaries through controlled delegation, and efficient use of time and resources.

001 54Proposal & Report Writing

Our ambition to have a multilayered opportunity and responsibility to design and manage projects, has resulted in an intensified focus on training and counseling office staff and local partners on writing their own proposals, evaluating these activities and writing comprehensive reports to provide apposite feedback to benefactors.

001 54Child Protection & Gender Equality

A Child Protection policy was adopted by the KED in 2011. Workshops are provided to underline the importance on both topics.
Download our Child Protection policy
"Please note that, due to our organizational status and the security concerns of both staff and local communities, the above only represents an overview; we cannot give full details about many of the activities we are involved in without jeopardizing the safety of participants."

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